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Quotes He pushed me and I briefly hated him but by God if I didn't meet or exceed every goal we set!!!! Quotes
S. Harris
It was so worth it!!! Lexington, KY

Quotes Our son failed to make the middle basketball team he spent 24 sessions with Coach Dee and the next year he was a starter with the team the following year. He said he used the moves and skill he learned from Coach Dee. He was never the most athletic player but Coach Dee taught him how to play the game with the skills he has. Quotes
Proud Parents
Alexandria, VA

Quotes Words can not express how grateful we are to Coach Dee for what he has done for my daughter through working with him I've watched her confidence explode along with her athleticism. I am sad to see you leave the area. THANK YOU!!! Quotes
Greatful Mother
Alexandria, VA

Quotes My son was only 5 years old when we began working with Coach Dee and he has never had such fun learning how to play basketball. This is his favorite sport and Coach Dee managed to make this something he looks forward to more than his practices. I had never seen a coach get down on his knees to interact with my child. I wish Coach Dee could be his coach forever Quotes
Shocked in Washington, DC
Pleasently Suprised Mom

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