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Become...a LEGEND.

Why Us

Are you tired of cookie cutter personal training?  Do you not deserve PERSONAL training that is TRULY personal?  Don't you deserve to have fun while working out in group settings? We'd like to think so and that is exactly what we strive to accomplish here at Legendary Fitness & Performance Training.  Each client receives an individualized work out programs and fun friendly fitness classes for all fitness levels.  With our many option we can fit them into YOUR schedule and develop a program to help YOU reach YOUR FITNESS GOALS!

It's never too late to become a LEGENDARY YOU!!!


 Are you an athlete wanting to get ready to compete at the next level. Maybe you just wants to make varsity next year. Legendary Fitness & Performance Training is the ultimate training tool that offers you a chance to be coached by world-class performance trainers whom sole goal is to get your game to the next level.  When you first come in, we'll measure your stats in speed, strength and agility. As you train, you'll be able to see your progress and improvement through regular testing. Your opponents won't want to see you coming!


You want the best for your child. While you want your child to be healthy and enjoy participating in sports, you may also have concerns about their academics, abilities and possible injuries. This is where Legendary Fitness & Performance Training can help.

Whether your child wants to be the star of the team, or just wants a little more playing time, we can help them reach their goals. Our coaches will push athletes to their limits, but not beyond them. They will use positive reinforcement to ensure that your child feels good about his or her accomplishments. At the completion of the first program, you'll see the improvement in your child's athletic performance and a boost in self-confidence from what they've achieved.

Along the way, our coaches and tutors will meet with you and your child to go over the program, your child's performance, and answer any questions that you might have academically or athletically.

At a time when the childhood obesity rate is higher than ever before, it's important to ensure that children are physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Studies have also shown that children who are physically active or involved in sports are more likely to have higher self-esteem, perform better in the classroom, and have better social skills.


You expect excellence from the athletes that you coach, and you should expect excellence from their training programs, too. At Legendary Fitness & Performance Training, we expect and deliver training excellence!


Our programs are designed to supplement the coaching that athletes receive at practice. We don't focus on sport-specific skills - we focus on improving the overall athlete. Our world-class coaching staff delivers a training regimen that enhances an athlete's speed, power, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance and much more, making your athlete a more dangerous weapon on the court or field. We also work on injury prevention to give that dangerous weapon a better chance of staying off your injured list.


We can work individually with your athletes, who sign up for our group sessions, or we can train your entire team, at your facility or ours. For our Team Training program team training sessions, our Sports Performance Director will work with you to establish your team's goals and needs, and then put together a plan to accomplish them. The Team Training programs are designed to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, educational, progressive, and customized for your entire team.

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