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Demetrius Stoner- Certified Fitness Professional,CEO/Owner

As a life long athlete Demetrius played football, basketball, baseball and track all through his life.  Once he graduated from high school joined the United States Air Force training as a Pararescueman.  The Pararesuemen provide emergency medical treatment necessary to stabilize and evacuate injured personnel while acting in an enemy evading recovery role.  Pararesuemen also act as aircrew gunners and scanners on fixed and rotary wing aircraft while performing flight following duties. In addition, Pararesuemen provide contingency landing sites for NASA missions. After his stint in the Air Force he played college football at Union College before playing briefly with the Louisville Fire (AF2), Louisville Bulls (semi-pro), Beltway Bruins (Washington, D.C.). As a certified personal trainer he has spent the numerous years as the Sports Coordinator for the YMCA of Alexandria, currently training independently and coaching both football and basketball teams to great success and will for you as well.


  • "He pushed me and I briefly hated him but by God if I didn't meet or exceed every goal we set!!!!"
    S. Harris
    It was so worth it!!! Lexington, KY
  • "Our son failed to make the middle basketball team he spent 24 sessions with Coach Dee and the next year he was a starter with the team the following year. He said he used the m..."
    Proud Parents
    Alexandria, VA

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